About Us

Mr. Crews originally comes from a background in Civil and Transportation Engineering in the public and private sector.  After some successful years during this engineering career, he took the plunge and made the transition into working in the entertainment industry and starting up a small business.  During this time, he built several company websites, including design, SEO, server administration, and functioning as a company webmaster.  He offers several years of hands on experience in these capacities combined with courses completed in Social Media for Small Businesses, Mobile Phone Techniques, YouTube Video Media and Marketing.  Mr. Crews also recently completed a basic and an advanced course in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and received certification in those areas of expertise.

His out of the box approach, and creativity he early on expressed in his previous engineering career which was a well respected and valuable trait admired by many.  These traits have carried over into his online web projects today insuring that his services will bring a positive, fresh and unique impact on your company online presence from your website, social media presence to how your promotional videos are produced.

Ms. Murphy began her duties as a Google Adwords manager for a nationwide entertainment company.  She performed keyword research, set up multiple campaigns in various cities and states to achieve a considerable increase in website traffic and company revenue.  After working in this capacity for sometime, she then prepared and studied and passed the Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam.

She currently manages not only the Google Adwords campaigns for a nationwide entertainment company, but she also handles all of our clients here at Online Web Creators when it comes to anyone wanting to jump ahead of their competition immediately and see a positive upward surge in website traffic and conversions to sales from potential new customers.  Katie’s personal mission is to get your campaigns to achieve the highest quality score possible which will in turn keep your cost per click down towards the lower spectrum of money being spent.

Ms. Russell not only possesses an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Computer Software Support but is also certified in Computer Applications.  Some of her valuable experience consists of troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance of hardware, software and PC operations.  Ms. Russell is also MOS Access certified and ready to take on any projects or challenges your small business might be facing.  She also offers experience in Server migration, AD DS and GPO.

If you feel that Ms. Russell’s experience and expertise is a good fit for an upcoming project your business is facing, please don't hesitate and drop an email with attention to Ms. Russell with any questions you might have.