Google Adwords Campaigns and Reports

Advantages of using a Certified Google Adwords Consultant:

  • Immediate exposure
  • Lower cost per click
  • Achieve high quality scores
  • Make better use of your time
  • Target specific traffic
  • Proper location targeting
  • Advertise at the right time and days
  • Having a professional goto person
  • Achieve higher customer conversions
  • Track ad performance

Disadvantages of doing Google Adwords yourself:

  • Using wrong keywords
  • Irrelevant ads
  • Higher cost per click
  • Bad advertising strategies
  • Google Adwords can be intimidating
  • Very time consuming
  • Sending traffic to the wrong URL’s
  • Too many keywords in ad group
  • Budget allocation errors
  • Landing page issues

Many of us business owners do not know the difference between the Google organic search area and the paid advertising area. Of course the organic search area is based on the SEO of the website and the pages it contains and Google ranks those pages accordingly. However that can take time for a website to climb up the ranks and get the exposure you are wanting. If you are starting a new business or have the need for an huge increase in traffic to your website to get your business phone to ring off the hook, then setting up Google Adwords for your business is the answer!

First off, this is not a free service, thats why it is referred to as “paid advertising”. Many business owners find this to be intimidating especially since some who have fumbled around trying to set it up have wasted lots of money and not gotten the results they were after or were expecting. Thats where it pays to have a Google Certified Adwords Professional at your service to properly do all of the keyword research, set up your campaigns and conversions and monitor all of those campaigns. Those campaigns need to be monitored and adjusted accordingly for you, the business owner to see the type of success you are expecting from paying for this service.

Ms. Murphy, our company Google Adwords Certified Professional will personally take some initial information about you, your business, your mission and goals that you want to achieve using paid advertising. After doing some keyword research on your industry, she will be able to give you some various scenarios and budget options that would fit your current needs and goals.

Once you select an affordable plan to kick off your Google Adwords Campaigns, we will send you a monthly detailed report showing all of the page impressions, clicks and conversions that your campaigns generated. From this data, you can factor in how much you are spending monthly, versus how much more revenue you are making from adding the Google Adwords Advertising into your business plan and see for yourself how much more profit you are accumulating each month.

Drop us an email or a phone call and ask to speak directly to Ms. Murphy, she will be glad to assist you or answer any questions you might have on this topic.