Social Media Setup and Maintenance

Let's break down the various Social Media platforms to better understand them:

  • I like pizza
  • I am eating #pizza
  • This is where I eat pizza
  • Here’s a vintage photo of my #pizza
  • I am a google employee who eats pizza
  • Watch me eating pizza
  • My skills include pizza eating
  • Here’s a pizza recipe
  • Here’s a 10 second video of me eating pizza

Most of us reading this are all familiar with what social media is, however many are not aware of how important of a role social media can play when operating a successful business and having that type of presence online. Depending on the product or service you are providing, some social network platforms might be optional to you as others in our opinion would be essential. For example if you are operating a business that deals with food, drink, deserts, models, photography, real estate, then Instagram would definitely something you would want for your business.

Every business out there should at least have a Facebook Fan page representing your company. Social media is a free way to get the word out about how and what your business is doing. Its a great platform to post articles and embed videos and photos to get comments, likes and shares. Many business owners are in the dark when it comes to diving into many of the social network platforms and installing apps on their smart phones to easily access and post content when they are on the go or have a few spare minutes to do so.

We offer setup, maintenance and training on how to use the various social network platforms as well as installing the apps on your smartphone and getting it all to run smoothly. Many business owners do not realize that they can have some of their employees or contractors taking photos or video clips and texting that content over to the company and they can quickly utilize that content on their social platforms which can be invaluable.

Most small businesses out there should at least have a Facebook page, Instagram Page, YouTube Channel and a Twitter page. We are here to assist you in the process or we can create all of these platforms and more if that is your desire. The key these days is, content, fresh content!! Its about getting others online to become engaged to share, post, comment and like your content. Whether its still images, video clips or maybe an article you posted, its going to help spread the word about your business and get the word out to others that never knew you existed.